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What you should know about AF Form 24

  1. AF Form 24 is used for the application process for appointment as a Reserve member of the Air Force.
  2. The form requires accurate information regarding the applicant's qualifications and identification.
  3. Completing AF Form 24 accurately is essential for the appointment process to proceed smoothly.

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How to prepare AF Form 24

Obtain the AF 24 Form
The web page is available both from your mobile and a laptop or computer. Regardless of what device you use, just click the form to open up it and prepare the document inconvenience-free.
Place your name along with other personal information into fillable fields utilizing a built in editor. Sign the file with ease and make other edits to cover your requirements.
When you've signed the template and saved the changes, you have a officially-binding and court-admissible PDF file that you may download, print, or send towards the IRS quickly.

About Af 24 Form

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How to complete a AF Form 24

  1. Use a typewriter or print clearly in ink
  2. Sign each copy separately
  3. Check the type of appointment under the form title for which you are applying
  4. Make sure to provide all necessary information and follow instructions carefully
  5. If additional space is required, continue in item 33 Remarks
  6. Upon termination from active duty, travel entitlements are based on the information you enter in item 6 Home of Record (HOR)
  7. Once recorded, the HOR may not be changed

People also ask about AF Form 24

What is the purpose of AF Form 24?
The form provides necessary information to determine if an applicant meets qualifications for appointment as a Reserve member of the Air Force.
How should I complete AF Form 24?
Complete the form in two copies, use a typewriter or clear ink, and sign each copy separately.
Can the Home of Record be changed once recorded?
No, once recorded, the Home of Record may not be changed.

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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing AF Form 24

Instructions and Help about AF Form 24

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